With VOLINEX, customers will be able to make a bank-transfer directly from their Bitcoin balance. Using a software that we developed, an automatic exchange will take place that will make manually transferring and selling Bitcoins a thing of the past, in turn making the complex market situation of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoins, socially accepted and easy to manage. It is currently not possible to pay one's everyday bills, such as rent and electricity, online shopping etc. with Bitcoins. This is one of the greatest challenges this currency faces. The process of sellinga Bitcoin, then transferring the money to a IBAN-compatible account and subsequently to a recipient account normally takes about 5-7 banking days. The automated exchange saves the customer a significant amount of time and makes it possible to use one's Bitcoin wallet for everyday transactions. With VOLINEX, the delay will be reduced to 2 banking days, which fits the intention of cryptocurrencies. They were created to be able to process payments within minutes. Now it is possible to pay one's rent, online shopping bills, etc. on a single platform and VOLINEX will also make it easy to do everyday shopping at the supermarket, fill up the car or take out cash. As a result of our cooperation with VISA, we are able to offer debit cards that can be topped up with a click on our app or our online platform.


Ticker VNX
Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Visit
Category Payments
Total Supply 350,000,000
ICO Start Date TBA
ICO Finish Date TBA
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