MiniApps (MAT)

Short for Mini Application. The name conveys the idea of simple interface, in contrast with bulky desktop applications, like web browsers, or text processors, with a lot of buttons, banners, and other distracting elements. In the narrow sense Miniapp can be understood as a chatbot, but in fact it is a wider concept. Besides messengers, where Miniapp equals chatbot, it can utilize SMS and USSD channels, work on smartphones as an Android or IOS application, and in web-chat systems. Miniapp is a thin application that communicates with the user using natural language (voice or text) and/or menu. Miniapp can work with messengers as a chatbot, on smartphones as a special application, be a part of other applications, like web-chat, or chat integrated into a smartphone application. Miniapp can run on a car computer, or be fused into Internet of Things.

MiniApps ICO Overview

Ticker MAT
Project Type Token
Platform Ethereum
Website Visit
Category Machine Learning & AI
Total Supply 20,000,000
ICO Start Date October 18th 2017 (Phase 1)
ICO Finish Date December 19th 2017 (Phase 1)
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